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Fiction Books : Fiction is literature that is the product of the imagination and is not meant to be taken literally, even if it is based on a factual event or narrative. Fiction literature comes in the form of novels, short stories, and novellas. The term originates from the Latin verb fictio, which means “to make, fashion, or mold.” Art & Culture is the category.

Nonfiction Books : Nonfiction is writing that, no matter what subject it is about, aims to do one thing very well: inform. Instead than relying just on the author’s inventiveness, it ought to be grounded in the facts and conclusions of their knowledge or experience. While a great work of nonfiction demands the ability to create a compelling story, accuracy of the subject is still expected. Furthermore, prose, as opposed to poetry, is the style of writing used in modern nonfiction; it is written in a manner reminiscent of ordinary conversation.

Biography Books : a book detailing the life and career of a single individual, but most likely including a significant amount of information on their relationships, family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. The term “biography” signifies “life-writing”; its two halves come from the mediaeval Greek words “life” (bios) and “writing” (graphia).

Historical Fiction : Literary works in the historical fiction category are set in the past. Historical fiction attempts to be as authentic as possible by capturing societal mores, manners, customs, and traditions of the era. This genre of books frequently tells fictional tales involving real historical people or events.

Science fiction : Science fiction narratives frequently feature futuristic settings and imaginary elements of technology and science. Science fiction has certain characteristics, such as: Time or space travel, Alternative history or a futuristic environment, cutting edge technology, examination of societal concerns in the context of the dystopian society that is our current social model.

Mystery : Fiction in the mystery genre focuses on cracking cases of unexplained deaths and mysterious happenings. Usually, the main character is a detective, and until they are shown to be innocent, the other characters are suspects. Typical traits of the mystery subgenre consist of: An unexplained death or crime that requires investigation, Suspects whose motivations the investigator needs to consider, The author leaves clues for the reader to follow that could lead them to believe that someone is the murderer, Red herrings, or hints that mislead the reader regarding the murder.

Thriller : The plot of a thriller typically moves quickly, with tension and suspense building from start to finish. The thriller genre has many subgenres, including the political, psychological, and spy subgenres, to mention a few. The following are some traits of the thriller genre: There is suspense all throughout the book, Cliffhangers at the end of each chapter that depart from the plotline at a pivotal point in the narrative are used to keep readers guessing, climax to address the queries readers have been wondering about the entire narrative.

Young adult : Young adult fiction is written for readers between the ages of 12 and 18 and is marketed by writers. The protagonist of most young adult fiction experiences obstacles and transformations that are identifiable to an adolescent, regardless of whether the plotline is realistic or includes magical elements. Typical components of young adult fiction consist of: A young lead character, A triangle of love where the main character has to decide between two possible loves, Age-appropriate conflicts in the narrative include the characters’ attempts to fit in, succeed in sports, and form romantic relationships.

Realistic fiction : Fiction that tells a story that could very well occur in today’s society is called realistic fiction. The storyline itself is made up of events that have never really happened, but it has believable characters and settings and happens in a real place. Among the traits of realistic fiction are: Conflicts that readers may encounter in their daily lives, A contemporary setting that can be either a real place or a made-up place with potential for reality, Personas that resemble real people that you could meet, Realistic resolution of conflicts.

Romance : Romance novels can be set in any era, have magical elements or a realistic plot, but their main characteristic is that they revolve around a love story that runs the length of the book. Other attributes consist of: a main character or hero who the other main character falls in love with, The story’s numerous conflicts make it difficult for the characters to be together, An emotionally fulfilling finish.

Horror : The goal of the horror genre is to evoke in the reader a sense of both excitement and terror. Common traits consist of: investigations into humanity’s darker sides, Reader-friendly main characters who frequently have troubled pasts and emotional traumas, supernatural components like demonic forces or ghosts, an intention to incite fear in their audience.

Fantasy : Fiction which focuses on supernatural and magical components that don’t exist in the real world is called fantasy. Fantasy often consists of the following traits, though it can also contain romance, action, and mystery elements: magical components or figures, such as werewolves, witches, or sorcerers, Conflict between evil and good, Imaginary environments that frequently resemble mediaeval ones, Characters or entities from mythology, such as talking animals, dragons, or elves.